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About Border Morris Dancing

By Black Pig Border, 2014-01-07

As far as is known, Border Morris Dancing originates from the English/Welsh borders of Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Border Morris was usually done during the winter months where the dancers performed vigorously using sticks and bells. One of the explanations was that it was danced to ward off the evil spirits of the old year allowing the return of spring.
Over the years, we have developed our own style of Border Morris performing traditional dances and some of our own invention. We use both traditional and contemporary tunes for our dances and produced our first music CD last year. We are currently working on our second CD which is due out this Summer.

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Black Pig Border
About Black Pig Border

Named after the ship of the infamous Captain Pugwash, Black Pig Border was formed in 1986 in Eastwood on the Nottinghamshire and Derby border. Our founder members were a group of like minded dancers and musicians who had tried other forms of Morris dancing and were looking for something a little different. From this small group of people, Black Pig has evolved over the years to what you see today.

We are a mixed group of both male and female dancers and musicians. We have performed all over England at a wide variety of events, ranging from pub tours through fetes and festivals. We have danced in California and Germany and also appeared in an episode of Peak Practice. Most recently we appeared in an episode of 'Hit & Miss' on Sky Atlantic.

New members of any age or disposition are always welcome to come and 'give-it-a-go'.

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