The Mummer's Play
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Tuesday January 7 2014, 4:00 PM
The Mummer's Play

A Mummers Play is an English folk drama based upon the fight between good and evil. One of the protagonists is killed off by the other and is then revived by a magical doctor. Various other characters appear during the course of the play - the amount and variety depending upon the area in which the play originates.

Black Pig perform a version of the old Selston (Nottinghamshire) Bullguysers' play usually at Christmas or in the New Year. We learned it from an old Selston resident who last performed it in his youth.
It is usually performed in pubs local to the Selston area and the play lasts about ten minutes, depending of course on how much beer has been quaffed. PHOTO

We are in the process of rehearsing and fine tuning a new play. This has been written by one of our dancer/musicians Chris Deuchar and it revolves around Captain Pigwash. We are hoping to put this on our new CD and also perform it for the first time this year.
For further in depth information , photo's and scripts on hundreds of folk plays from all over England, visit the Folk Play web site from our related links page.

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