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Jamroom 5.1.6 + Smiley Module and Updates

user image 2014-01-08
By: demoadmin
Posted in: news
Jamroom 5.1.6 + Smiley Module and Updates

The last week has been pretty busy, and I wanted to bring everyone up to speed with the latest Jamroom releases - thus a larger blog post rather than the smaller forum post in Announcements.

Here's what's new:

- Jamroom Core 5.1.6 - this is the latest update to the JR core, and contains several fixes and tweaks to make things work better.  One of the big changes is that modules should load in the correct "order" now on all systems, which could have caused some "subtle" bugs to appear.

- New Smiley Support module - this is turned on here on now, and it's a free module that gives you full control over emoticons on your system.  This is available right now for free to all subscribers, and will be coming to everyone in 2 weeks:

- New Blank Skin Jamroom skin built to help skin designers create new skins for Jamroom 5 rapidly.  The Blank Skin is licensed under a 100% Freeware license - this means you are free to use the Blank Skin as the base for any free or paid skin you would like to develop!

- Image Galleries update - the Image Gallery module has been updated with new sales support for selling individual images as well as "bundles" of images (requires FoxyCart and FoxyCartBundle modules):

 - The Google Analytics module has been updated with full support for the new "Universal" Analytics:

 - The free Item Ratings module has been updated with a new Global Config option to allow users who are not logged in the ability to rate items:

 - The FoxyCart module has received more updates with new ledger, transactions and resend receipt options:

 - The Email Newsletters module has been updated with new “open” tracking and a new Newsletter Stats tool to see how well your Newsletters are doing at reaching your users:

There's been a lot of work going on here as we continue to refine the JR modules, with A LOT more still in the pipeline!   If you’re not a Jamroom subscriber yet, now is a good time to join - for only $29 per year you can get immediate access to all new modules and skins:

If you’re already a subscriber, thank you - you’re helping keep us in the Jamroom business :)

We hope you enjoy the new releases, and have a great holiday!